Photo of Marie-José DanzonBorn in Pontarlier, on France’s Swiss border, Marie-José Danzon trained as a visual artist and designer and worked for many years as an interior designer in Paris. There she had her own studio and also created the city’s first integral home-decorating centre. La Décothèque.

Photo of artist Marie-José DanzonMoving to Southwest France in 1981, she used her large stock of fabrics left over from Paris to create quilt-based items of clothing as well as personal and home accessories. A few years later, in 1985, she moved to Canada where she concentrated on wall-hangings where her sense of colour and texture could express itself most freely. This development expanded subtly but dramatically with her return to France in 2007, and continues to this day.

Danzon’s work has been shown in Toronto, New York and Paris, and is in private collections from Copenhagen to Bangkok. The current website is the first occasion since a 2007 Toronto retrospective exhibition that a representative collection of her œuvre can be seen by the public.